Tom Del Beccaro

Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman of California Revival PAC, Tom Del Beccaro is an acclaimed author, speaker as well as currently a columnist for Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, and The Epoch Times.

As a radio and television commentator, in 2020, Tom made over 500 radio and tv appearances, across the country and around the world, including in Ireland, the U.K., and the Middle East. Tom regularly appears on Fox, Fox Business, Newsmax, OAN, KUSI news in San Diego, The Big Business Show, and Mark Larson’s KFMB radio show.

Tom is the former Chairman of the California Republican Party and former U.S. Senate Candidate from California. Tom is the author of The Divided Era, which explains how the more government decides, the more it divides. Tom is the publisher of, where he publishes commentaries along with other columnists.

In addition to being Chairman of California Revival, Tom is the Chairman of Rescue California, a group that is raising funds and gathering signatures for the Recall of Gavin Newsom.