Two SF prosecutors who quit their jobs at DA’s office join Boudin recall effort

The campaign to recall San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin continued to gain steam on Monday with two former San Francisco prosecutors publicly joining the effort to vote their former boss out of office.

Prosecutors Brooke Jenkins and Don du Bain recently left their positions at the DA’s office, citing Boudin’s lack of commitment to prosecuting crimes as the reason for their departure.

Holding a virtual press conference on Monday, the two announced that they were joining the Boudin recall campaign as volunteers, saying they believed the district attorney was putting the public safety of San Francisco’s residents and visitors at risk.

They charged that his so-called “radical” approach to crime has resulted in releasing offenders without rehabilitation and placing them in a position to re-offend.

“He has proven that his policies and approach is anything but progressive,” Jenkins said, adding, “To the contrary, his approach has been extreme and radical, and as a result we have seen crime increase, justice wane, and lives be lost.”